What is Freya?

Freya is native GUI library for Rust🦀, built on top of 🧬 Dioxus's core and powered by 🎨 Skia as a graphics library.


  • ⛏️ Built-in components (button, scroll views, switch and more)
  • 🚇 Built-in hooks library (animations, text editing and more)
  • 🔍 Built-in devtools panel (experimental ⚠️)
  • 🧰 Built-in headless testing runner for components
  • 🎨 Theming support (not extensible yet ⚠️)
  • 🛩️ Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
  • 🖼️ SKSL Shaders support
  • 🔄️ Dioxus Hot-reload support
  • 📒 Multi-line text editing (experimental ⚠️)
  • 🦾 Basic Accessibility Support (experimental ⚠️)
  • 🧩Compatible with dioxus-std and other Dioxus renderer-agnostic libraries

Why 🧬 Dioxus?

Dioxus is a React-like library for Rust. Its component and hooks model make it simple to use and scale to complex apps. Freya uses some of Dioxus core crates to build it's own renderer, this is because Dioxus is to it's core a renderer-agnostic UI library. See other differences with Freya.

Why 🎨 Skia?

Skia is a battle-tested and well-maintained graphics library, and there are even some rusty bindings.